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    Really liked this place and could see how it definitely has potential to be even better!

    We had just hit up Serious Cigars and wanted to find a wine bar with a patio to drink and smoke on a Saturday evening.

    The wine glasses were spotless and high quality- really appreciate that!  And we found a new wine to love- The Trial of John Montford!  It was a hit with everyone in our group!

    This place could have really hit it out of the park if they would only have chilled their red wines to 60 degrees, had more knowledgeable staff (the kid could not give us a recommendation to save his life), and made the patio area more visually charming.

    This place was great and has even greater potential!  We'll be back soon :)

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    This place is simply...PERFECT. I met some friends there for the first time. We sat outside under the nice trees on a very nice patio. Nice large glasses of wine and plenty to choose from. The servers are always around and very friendly.

    We spent the entire evening outside just chatting, trying wines and conversation. Very nice and relaxing. This place is also very nice inside. Great spot for a get together with friends, a meetup or a nice casual party. I will definitely be returning here. I would have easily given it 5 stars but, let me tell you why.

    I understand its a wine bar, and were they do try to pair it with cheeses and some meats, to me, you can't have a great glass of wine without eventually pairing it with a steak. Yeah, a wine bar that also serves at least 1 steak. For that, you earn 5 in my book. So of course all 10 of us left feeling great but hungry.

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    New management. The previous stand-offish people have been replaced by far more friendlier, customer-oriented people.

    The wine is still good, the cheese plate is good. I didn't mention in my previous review cause it really wasn't their fault but my purse was stolen by a run and grab thief on the patio a couple years ago. I still sit on the patio but I leave my purse in the trunk of the car, so be warned.

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