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    Can't go wrong with a neighborhood bar like this place. Only thing I don't like about this place is the smell you have lingering on your clothes after hanging out there. Your allowed to smoke in there and the circulation isn't all there. But, other than that I love the place.

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    Being that this place is within close proximity to the casa, i find myself visiting more often than i do other bars around town. It's not because it's the greatest thing since slide bread but because my friends and i see it as a convenience rather than traveling long distances to downtown or elsewhere. I find this place pretty cozy and comfortable. Because i've only had a few beers here, i won't comment much about the bar itself although the bartenders/staff were attentive most of the time.

    What it has:

    1. a small selection of arcade games
    2. a couple pool tables
    3. dart boards
    4. a punching/boxing game machine (punch a bag; the more powerful it is, the more points you get)
    5. a juke box full of random tunes
    6.a whole slew of small hdtvs and large projectors surrounding the place
    7. a number of tables and couches (10-12 seats for the couches if i remember correctly) to sit comfortably while watching nba/mlb/nfl/ufc events

    Another great thing about Front Row is that they sometimes have poker tournaments and even street fighter 4 tournaments. Kinda makes you feel like you're part of a community sort of.

    If i missed anything important about Front Row, im sure future reviewers can fill in the gaps and even offer their own perspective...

    Anyways, to cut it short, i'd recommend this place to be with your buddies and buddettes!

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