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    Dropped by this place at the recommendation of a friend after a birthday dinner because we all just wanted to grab a drink and chill. It's located right behind HK4, and had two state troopers/security guards outside, so it felt pretty safe.

    The inside looked very clean and nice. Had very dim lighting with colorful spotlights like a club, with couches by the walls and chairs and tables on the floor, as well as a full bar AND a karaoke stage. There was hip-hop music playing, and at each person's request, they could choose a song and sing it on the mini stage (including viet songs). We went on a Thursday night so the place wasn't that packed. The owner was very cool and sat down with us to chat (he's also a pretty good singer haha). Also spotted a super famous Viet singer, or so my friends told me since I am not Viet so I had no clue loll.

    My only complaint is the fact that they allow smoking inside, even though they hung a "No Smoking" sign by the door... loll.

    But bottom line is this joint is pretty sweet and I would definitely revisit soon.

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    This place is on Boone between Beechnut and Bellaire in the same shopping center as some party hall, salon supply store, and a pool hall.

    The waitress are always in skimpy lingerie, who doesn't like that? They don't wear it everyday, mainly on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    They're open from 8PM-2AM. Smoking is allow. There's alcohol, bottle service, beer, and food. My favorite is the fried quail.

    This place has gone through a lot of changes and renovations. It looks a lot better now it did a couple years back.

    There's a lot of songs you can choose from if you're in the mood for karaoke. If no one sings, the DJ will play hip-hop/rap, techno, and (embarrass to write this) Vietnamese gangster rap.

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