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    I do like the new renovations to this place.  It can be the karaoke for the younger non-fobs but gangsters for the Alief area.  I recently went there because my friend sent me an updated menu.  They had soft shelled crabs cooked/drenched in butter and I so wanted to try it so I dragged my lazy butt out of bed to try it.  It was barely a whole crab on a plate FULL of lettuce.  The crab was bitter and weird tasting.  I've had better at Tan Tan Fast Food.  The lettuce was good though.  Not $16 worth though.  The eggrolls were good.  I'm sure the bo luc lac is still the bomb dot com though!

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    I'm surprise there isn't a review for this place yet.

    If I'm not at Window on the weekend, I'm probably here at SOS Lounge. This place is spacious! Very big comparing to ALL the Vietnamese Lounge/Karaoke/Bars in Chinatown.

    Speaking of karaoke, yes they have karaoke here. There's also club music such as trance and hip hop.

    The place can be dirty with people throwing up everywhere, fights, and what's not (minus one star). Still "crunk" nonetheless.

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