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    Great customer service, knowledgeable staff, friendly patrons, and good food and good wine. To use a phrase, "I'll be back!"

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    Fantastic ambience, great service and wonderful company :-)

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    We had a friend invite us here for a game night.  We ended up taking over a large table and playing pictionary til closing time (which was 11 on Wednesdays).  Shawn was our Wine guide for the evening and he rocked it.  He made sure to take care of our large party by hooking us up with pizza's (the pesto one was awesome), cheese platters and other apps and was spot on when asking about their wines and making a suggestion (a great syrah within our $50 price range).  We defintiely want to try and make it back for more games and shenanigans. If I didn't live in Katy this would probably be my new hang out.

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