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    I really enjoy this place but I don't really go for the music. If the cover wasn't so steep I'd go more often. Their pool tables are fantastic.

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    Went to see Daniel Crawford and was bummed that the cover was 15 dollars but we got  a free cd and the music was awesome. Cool space and fun crowd and just an overall great show.

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    I'm not a huge Country music fan, but I went here with a friend to see a concert and it was very fun.  I was surprised how cheap the drinks were - about $5 dollars a piece.  The crowd was very mixed - some really dressed down "country folk" and some rather dressy "upscale folks".  The ages ranged from 21-60.  They have a small dance floor with not much dancing, but a few couples took a stab at two-stepping.  We did have to pay for tickets to enter and they were $12 dollars a piece.  I didn't mind since it was probably going to the bands, who were quite good.  I don't think they had any food here, except I saw a sign at the bar that said something about there being hot dogs out back.  I didn't go out back and I'm not really sure where that was.  At the end of the night, the line at the bar was super long.  I'd recommend closing out your tab early so you don't have to wait - and the line isn't straight, so I was cut in front of 3 times.

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