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    Boy, I did not enjoy myself here.  We usually go to the KTV that's across the parking lot, but this one time I had the brilliant idea to try something new.  I had a number of problems with the setup here.  First, songs were not in a binder of any sort and were completely organized within their computer system so you couldn't browse while others sang.  You just had to park yourself in front of the computer while you searched for stuff.

    Second, it was not easy searching for stuff.  All their Chinese songs were mixed in with the English songs, so you could only search for songs by typing in the first letter of each word (example: to look for Stop and Stare, you type in SAS).  Be prepared to press page down a LOT.  Since the English and Chinese songs are mixed together, sometimes there are just pages of Chinese results (good luck searching for a one-word title).  And don't bother searching for English songs older than 5 years.  I'm pretty sure this place is more geared towards customers looking for Chinese songs.

    Price was ok at $35 per hour.  The room ordered wine, which I heard was not very good.  The mic had entirely too much echo.  We couldn't really bear to stay longer than an hour since we spent more time searching for songs (unsuccessfully) than actually singing.

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    we had a very small wedding ceremony & reception here on 12-30-12. everybody working here was super cool about it, they helped us out a lot by staying open until the next day so we could decorate, they helped us move the furniture etc, and they allowed a team of videographers and camera crew to join us. we got some amazing shots because the decor here is so legit! we had a blast! we ended up having more guests than we expected (over 30 instead of 20) so we spilled out into the open lounge area which was even better! we were able to order from different restaurants in the area to accommodate our guests. it was perfect! thank you so much melody house for making our special day all the more special!!

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    $150 bottles of Hennessy VSOP on a Saturday night isn't bad. They have a nice open seating area with a pretty good system. The rooms are spacious well decorated with good sound systems as well. Pretty decent place. On bad nights though, there are some ghetto thugs. Just don't stay out too late.

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