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    Spanky's is a really strange place... It's supposed to be a bar, but there were no people on a Saturday night at 10 pm. Not one except for me, my friend, and staff. We just wanted to try their crawfish so we ordered two waters to start off with. The server, who looked like she was twelve, brought us two bottled waters. When we requested normal waters, she asked her supervisor for permission... I think I heard her call the older woman mom, so I'll refer to them as mother and daughter.

    Next, we tried to order one pound of the Vampire Mix crawfish and one pound of their Thai Basil. The daughter again went back behind the bar to ask her mother something, and the mother came to our table t let us know that each flavor has a 2 pound minimum since the sauce "comes in a bag." Okay... not a big deal, but interesting to know. We chose the Thai Basil.

    Their crawfish comes in two sizes, normal and jumbo for an extra dollar.We ordered normal; I don't think they actually order jumbo but rather pick the largest crawfish out of the mix because the ones we ended up getting were mostly on the small-medium scale and none were large. The sauce was pretty good and the crawfish cooked well, but in the middle of our meal, a dog started barking from either behind the bar or in the kitchen. It was swiftly silenced with two loud slaps. It barked again about ten minutes later and was loudly smacked. I didn't hear the dog bark a third time, and my friend and I made some distasteful jokes about it being part of the menu. It wasn't really funny but more awkward. I am unsure of how lawful it is for store owners to have a dog in their restaurant/bar, much less abused... so I'll leave this on Yelp and hope a better Samaritan than I looks into this.

    The daughter did not check on us after she brought out the crawfish. They don't take credit cards unless you let them "make a copy of the card so they can enter the numbers later." There were still no other customers when we left, but there was a car pulling in. The passengers got out to throw up in the bushes, not to eat. All in all, okay crawfish with sauce that "comes from a bag," but definitely not an inviting atmosphere or staff, from which I can understand why there were no patrons. I am also generally suspicious of 5-star reviews that are the ONLY reviews a person writes, and there are two of them for this restaurant.

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    Went there for the first time with a friend who has been there numerous times. I love the thai basil crawfish!!! OMFG!!!!! love the food there. Would come here again!!!

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    I came here for a cousin's birthday party. We had a big party and the staff was very accomedating. It has a major bar feel, but there's also karaoke which was tons of fun for a bunch of drunkies.

    On to the food, my boyfriend and I ordered a few lbs of crawfish as well as the Lao's papaya salad. The crawfish were a good size but unfortunately I wasn't very fond of the seasoning.

    I LOVE butter garlic crawfish but their butter garlic crawfish wasn't too great. I'm usually able to finish 3-4lbs of crawfish by myself. I ordered 3lbs since that's about how much I would usually eat BUT I only finished about 1lb. I gave the rest away. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

    Their Lao's papaya salad however was DELICIOUS! My fave dish there. My boyfriend is half Lao's so I've had authentic Lao's papaya salad before but the fish taste has always been a little overbearing for me, but not so here. It was just perfect for my taste.

    Overall, the joint was decent; nice, friendly staff, && delicious papaya salad.

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