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    Trying this out tonight!!!

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    I'm blown away by this place ,I live in Dallas and this city has nothing to compare to Maxim . The club is high class and the band is great ,local singers are the best I've heard and the star from Asia (Nguyen Khang ) is wonderful .

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    As a cocktail waitress at Maxim, I can honestly report that this is a wonderfully family-run business that caters to all. It's quite admiring to see a business, let alone a club, operate in such a respectable and accommodating manner. The family designed and built this club and music venue from the ground up, so I think they definitely take to heart the value of hard work.

    Maxim is a Vietnamese/American music venue. So on Friday's they have a great band called "CBC" come play french, vietnamese, spanish, 60s music and beyond. They are so good! On Saturday's they invite Vietnamese singers from "Asia" or "Paris by Night" for only $10-$15 a ticket. This is such a great deal! I've been to Maxim before I started working, and you literally dance the night away! It's so hard to find a club that offers live music to salsa, cha cha, tango, twist, and ballroom dance to nowadays. Not only that, but they also dedicate an hour to club/techno music with a DJ.

    Maxim is the classiest dance club and music venue I've ever been to, so dress to impress ladies and gentlemen! Stay for the food, drinks, and music. You'll have the time of your life.

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