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    The food here is great! Love their house special fried rice, escargots, and all your typical nhau food. Good place to bring a group of friends.. NOT a place to bring someone on a one on one date.. The music is so loud, once in a while they'd have ppl come up and sing.. That may or may not be a good thing :/ the vibe gets pretty intimidating.. I went with my boyfriend on a Saturday night dinner.. All we can hear was the group next to us getting drunk and talking out of their ass.. It wasn't very pleasant, but we enjoyed our food none the less. The next time I'm craving their food ill remember to order take out instead

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    Going to give it a 3 star. Reason being, waitress had forgotten about us in the corner section up front had to wave her down 4 times that night, our propane to our hot pot ran out 5 minutes into receiving our food... no refills ...atmosphere was a little muggy, food was not on point... aroma was there but flavor was not.

    Considering the fact that I use to be a regular here years ago, the scenery hasn't changed and their restroom is still the size of my shoe closet..

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    This dive bar has awesome food

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