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    Vibe never disappoints.  I went with 3 other people here for happy hour and hot pot.  The happy hour is till 9.  We got the salt toasted shrimp, fried butter garlic wings, salty fish fried rice and thai hot pot.  Everything tasted delicious and the service was superb.  The hot pot always fulfills everyone.  There's plenty of TV's here to watch any games, also.  However, when I visited there was some really good old school music that I was jammin' to.

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    I love fresh oysters so we ordered Oysters with Tobiko and Soy Sauce. It was interesting but there was a bit too much soy sauce for my taste. Oysters with cocktail sauce is always a delicious classic. We also had the Thai Hot Pot, which was beyond great! I highly recommend the Thai Hot Pot.

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    What "GANGSTERS" boys and girls?  This is a bar/lounge everybody should keep that

    in mind.  There is always DISNEYLAND for all that are AFRAID! LMAO!

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