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    No point in writing the same review as everyone else. Believe what they say and check it out!

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    Well, what can I say?  The first time I discovered Three Sheets was through Yelp.  As most reviewers had stated, the place looks SUPER GHETTO on the outside (Hell, it doesn't even look like a bar!).  I was actually hesitant about going inside.  But, I told myself, since I already made the drive out here, I might as well have one drink and then leave.

    Well, as soon as I opened the door and stepped inside........

    Do you remember back in school when a friend had their parent's house all to themselves?  And threw a house party?  That's what Three Sheets feels like!  It feels like all of your friends are there.  It's like the hottest girls from your school were there...and nobody told you about the party and you just stumbled into it.

    Adam, the owner/bartender/waiter/bar-back/manager, is cool as shit and so is his crew.  Furthermore, like someone else mentioned, their customers are cool as shit as well.  Blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics...young and old...everyone is just chilling and laughing and talking to each other.  Plus, the prices are cheap and the food is DAMN good (not your typical bar food).

    Man, I've been to a LOT of places around the world.  And I was totally surprised by the ambiance that I would find in a little lounge in (of all places) Houston, TX.  And that ambiance is the feeling of a house party at a friend's house...nice!!!

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    This is definitely a dive bar, and I definitely like it. The prices are great, and the people who hang out here are really friendly. There is karaoke on certain weekend nights, and it's great because it's not so packed that you have to wait an hour and tip the karaoke host an arm and a leg to be able to sing a song (though you should of course tip them, they're really fun :).

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