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    I'll be honest, I wasn't sure if an Alaskan theme bar would work in the state of Texas. But don't knock on that idea until you come and see it with your own two eyes, because this establishment is pretty awesome and I know it's here to stay and show the people of Houston that Alaska isn't just cold weather and grizzly bear, they have good bear source from there and knows how to have a good time.

    I went on a Wednesday night, which is their open mic night and they had the Alaskan Brewing Co. for a meet and greet. First of all, the atmosphere for this place is definitely something different than your local bars. For one, there's nice big dance floor on your right as soon as you walk in and a good staging area for the open mic, karaoke, or any performers to play. The next thing I notice is the wall, they have use strips of wood planks to make it look like awesome mountain scenery. And then at the bar area, there's crazy decors of model train, bear rug, half a barrel, and more. It's all furnished on a nice looking wood planks too to give this place Alaskan cabin feel.

    Around the bend there's pool table and way far in the corner is some of those electronic bar game machines. Then on the other side are leather couches, yes, a place for people who wants to feel like they could just sit down and chill. Then there's outdoor patio seating and for people who needs a smoke break. They have the Alaskan Brewing Co. beers on tap along with other usual good beers. They also have a great bar food menu that I have yet to try but I did sample a bit of their nachos and it is really, really delicious.

    I had a great time watching the guys I was drinking with to go up on the stage and perform great country music and meeting new friends. I will definitely be back and bring my pals for some good time here.

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    So my love affair with this new spot has grown!!  Since my initial review, the place has continued to add new items on their menu, booked awesome live music every weekend and now features Karaoke every Thursday night!  

    I've gotten a lil flack about calling this place a "divey bar" but I stand by my description!  A dive bar to me is a neighborhood, family-owned place - not your run of the mill - chain establishment . . . Dives have charm and distinct personalities driven by its owners/staff.  Dives are comfortable, inviting, unpretentious and the people you tend to find at these places are just like that!  

    When you find a neighborhood bar that fits your needs, why go elsewhere when all you want is a nice cold beer, good food and friendly faces!

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    Awesome place & getting even better as time goes on.  The owners, Dawn & Paul, are great and they really make you feel welcomed.   Their beer is icy cold & have a good selection of wines & liquor. The food menu has some of the best burgers around.  I personally love their turkey burger with sweet potato fries (they've converted me!)  Iris (the chef) is adding to the menu daily & will soon have a great variety.....even the healthy stuff!  Football season is among us and what a great place to watch.  All sports can be seen here too.  They have pool, Jenga and both electronic & steel darts.  They also have on Wed. -Open Mic nite, Thurs. -Karaoke and Sat. -Live Band.  There's probably more things scheduled so just friend them on Facebook & they'll keep you informed of what's happening.

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