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    I served on the Board of Directors for this Club and started the women's initiative for the club.  Staff typically changes hands in these organizations/hotel, restaurant business with a 70% turnover, the parent company, Club Corp does an outstanding job overall with the organization.  Utilizing sister entities, whether in Houston/Dallas or not state side, the customer is treated fairly, not necessary to lower your expectations.  I started the cooking classes at the club and it was such a hit to be in the back of the house not to mention a revenue generator and I'm still using some of the recipes the Chef taught us and that has been a few years ago.  Relationships are paramount to the health of the entity.

    Even though there is no golf course associated with the club, value is outstanding. Have attended numerous weddings here and absolutely five star.

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    I recently used The Westlake Club to host my wedding reception of about 130 people. My experience started off a little rocky - the party coordinator position changed hands three times while I was booked with them, but I have to say that Brittny Campbell (the new permanent coordinator) is simply amazing!! She had experience from doing the same job at The Downtown Club (sister to The Westlake) so she definitely had a handle on what she was doing.

    Brittny took care of every single detail, had some great ideas when I couldn't think of any, answered all of my calls and e-mails promptly and worked really hard to make our experience as stress-free and memorable as possible. I really can't say enough great things about her and the staff at The Westlake - if anything went terribly wrong on their end I sure wasn't aware of it. They handled change with great ease and they're definitely not out to nickel and dime you (which is unique when dealing with the wedding industry) so she made staying within our budget very possible :)

    I would certainly recommend the Westlake Club as a fantastic place to hold a wedding reception or any other event!!!!

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