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    This place sucks. The service is horrible, they only hire a bunch of FOBS. They don't even understand English , so it's hard to even place an order.
    The crawfish seasoning doesn't taste good, the flavors sweet. Maybe that's just my opinion but I don't know anyone that likes the sweet taste in their crawfish.

    Just bad bad bad place for crawfish.

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    I went here when the crawfish was $4.99 ($5.99 now?) and they just first opened for business. Boy, were they packed! The greeter and bartender were courteous and kind. I ordered 3 lbs of crawfish to-go and the spices were just about right. I can't say how it is now, but they were fresh when I got them early-August. I have yet to try their other foods on the menu but looking forward to it. Best of all, for those of us out in Mission Bend and Four Corners, we now have a crawfish spot that we can drive to with ease, without delving into the horrors of Bellaire traffic. For that, I can't complain!

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    Would have preferred to give 2.5 stars, but Yelp doesn't allow that!

    Tried this place because I saw a sign for $4.99/lb crawfish and because the location was convenient relative to where I was at the moment.. To my disappointment, the price per pound had been raised to $5.99 just one day prior to our giving the restaurant a try. Still an enticing price, but that price is only for original. If you want any of the other flavors the price increases to $6.99/lb, which is equal to what my favorite crawfish places charge. We tried the Garlic Butter and Crawfish 4 You Special- both were okay- nothing to be overly upset or excited over. We also tried Asian Style Wings, Lemon Pepper Wings, Fried Mushrooms, and Crawfish 4 You Fried Rice. Overall, I think the food was better than the crawfish but I probably would not make another visit to this establishment- I'd prefer to drive a few more minutes down Bellaire to get 5 star crawfish at the same price. On a positive note: service was great and wait wasn't long at all for food.

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