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  • Takes Reservation
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Looked this up last minute when my friend and I needed a place to watch the A&M game.

    I had a burger that was actually really good, fries were great too.

    Drinks were cheap and strong.

    Only bad part is the icehouse portion is not completely closed off. Being non-smokers, we did not like the smoke permeating through.

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    This update is for the food only. Damned good kitchen with the best sausage I've had outside Chappel Hill, it might have been Chappel Hill? This is the perfect BBDD food, greasy, spicy like a Texas cheese steak.

    Can I have more?

    Now that 8 brothers that took over the kitchen has gotten this part of the bar together, I am looking forward to sampling more of the menu. Unfortunately this is still a Dive, so get the food to go...

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    See the neon green sign on Wilcrest? Yep! That's Big John's place in the same shopping center as Window Cafe, Club 1, Diamond Club, SOS, Gameover 777, etc.

    Karaoke Friday and Saturday night, so if you want to sing your heart out, come! I don't sing nor do I stay the entire time here but I stop by once in awhile to hang out with some friends. There's sports and fighting match on the TVs and you can play pool here. Who doesn't like to shoot pool?

    Parking on Friday and Saturday night are hassle to deal with because there are so many businesses in the center open hours the same time as Big John's place. Also, you might be harass to pay $3.00 just for parking! And that's for any space locating on that parking lot.

    Once you find a space, pay $3, you're ready to unwind. You might or might not like this place but personally I like it.

    Minus one star because of the parking and the restroom was really dirty on one occasion.

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