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    Friendly neighborhood pub with a great staff and delicious food. Try the double cheeseburger. I bet you can't finish it!

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    Came here about a month ago, ordered a couple beers and shots.   My bill was 14.41.  I looked at my bank statement a couple days after that and they charged me 41.14.  I called the bar up and whoever I spoke with nonchalantly told me "Oh, sometimes the bartenders have a stack of receipts and put in the wrong numbers, just bring your receipt and statement by and we'll fix it." Uh what? I've worked in the bar industry for 4 years and never have overcharged someone...I guess that's the perk of having a fully-functional brain.  Nonetheless, I told her I'd be by the next day.  I walked in, the place was pretty empty and I asked the barback if I could speak with the manager. This woman, Leanne, comes over and as i'm trying to explain they overcharged me she RUDELY interrupts me saying "oh baby, I can't help you with that right now." I explained that I told whoever on the phone yesterday I would be coming in at this time.  She said I would have to wait an hour (for what, I have no idea).  I had to go to work and I asked her again if she could help me, I was on a time crunch and this was their fault, I shouldn't have to wait.  She refused to help.  I told her that was fine, I was reporting this charge as fraudulent with Wells Fargo since she was unwilling help.  Miss Leanne then yelled "EXCUSE ME???" across the bar as I was walking out.   What a great actress.   Anywho, the charge was reversed no thanks to Brewskis stellar management.   Needless to say I won't be back.  Service and food sucked anyways.  Just a small, dumpy townie bar with a couple regulars.  Nothin special ;)

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    I had 2 beers for 2 hours of time there..... Not by choice. It took 30 minutes to simply cash out and that was after the waitress messed that request up by bringing another 2 beers each for me and my buddy. This after our clear request to cash out. Music was too loud and there was only one channel on all the tv's but many games going on. Won't be returning.

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