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    Had my birthday party here. The place was a little quiet and a few menu items were not available, but this should be expected for late afternoon on Sunday. Food quality was great and service was excellent. A couple of areas for improvement: don't rush out entrees until everyone at the table has their food ready; get some craft beer on the menu. Other than that, none of the guests in my party complained and the plates went back empty. Chris - the host/bartender - was very accommodating and helpful. Great job, thanks.

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    I had been hearing a lot about LF so i was looking forward to trying it out. Unfortunately my experience wasn't nearly as good as some of the others. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't worth wanting to return.

    FIrst, the decor is cute, but that's about all. Some paintings, cute tables, again, nothing to write home about. The music sounded like it was coming from a boombox in the kitchen. It wasn't decentralized so that it was playing in the background. It was all from one area and it was WSTW, not a selection of Latin music which would created greater ambience, especially if it was wafting through the pluace and not just coming from one speaker. Most don't realize what a difference this makes because it's background in your good restaurants. This was just distracting.

    I found the chairs to be very uncomfortable. Too often, furniture is picked because of it's appearance and not because of it's comfort. This seemed to be the case
    Next, it was very hot where we were sitting. Not sure how much the votif candles had to do with it, but we were sitting near the windows (it was cloudy so it wasn't because of the sun) and there were no fans above us. We were half way through dinner by the time we realized that we were  uncomfortably warm.

    The prices were reasonable. The chips served initally were very good and the sauce for dipping complemented the chips well.

    For an app we split the Venezualan corn bread with seasoned chicken. It didn't have much flavor. It just tasted like it was missing somehting.

    For an entree I ordered the Shrimp and white rice with Garlic sauce. This was good. The sauce made the dish. WIthout it, it would have been pretty bland.

    My guest ordered the salmon and she enjoyed her dish, but didn't feel like there was anything special about it.

    Overall, I felt that there was no WOW factor that would want me to visit again. There are too many other great restaurants that have the WOW factor in the area to make this place worth a second visit.

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    Just went to Latin Fusion cafe to have dinner. The food is very good. My hubby had pork, rice, beans and tostones. I had my favorite dish Monfongo. We would of loved to have some dessert but they were out. The dessert is made daily in the morning, and it goes quickly. Hopefully next time we can try their thres leche.

    The downstairs area is mustard colored with abstract artwork.  The downstairs is a small area. Their are a few tables in the main dining area.  They have an upstairs area with lounge furniture. I like the brick walls and the urban chic swagger up stairs. I hear they have Latino nights upstairs with a dj on Friday nights.

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