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    When we moved from Philadelphia, we knew one of the things we would miss most would be Slice pizza. I think we have found a pretty suitable alternative in the pizza of Rocco's, particularly the margherita. It is so good. The basil is so fresh and the sauce is wonderful. We have tried a few of the other pizzas as well, but this is our fave. Salads are good, too!

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    Again mixed review. Good drink prices. Wine 3-4$. Beers 3$ ish as well all the time! Ate  pizza- didnot like thick chewy and ' buttery '? Crust. Had a bad order of muscles. Very fishy and off. Sent back quite apologetic and I still had to pay for it. Not cool. It was un edible. Fried dessert not so tastey.

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    I'm always on the lookout for awesome pizza and this place is pretty good.  I prefer it to be a thinner crust with a crispy bottom to it and this place hit both of my standards.  For a while I didn't get anything but pizza from here but I tried some sandwiches just to get a good idea of what it was all about and let me just say, stick to the pizza.  Some asshole left a raving review of the porketta so I tried that and it sucked ass.  It was dry and the pork had a smell reminescent of some of the girls I knew in HS, fishy.  The crowd here is mostly made up of douche bags and old people who don't realize that they are old so I recommend getting your food to go.  The service was friendly but slow.

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