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    I recently came to Wilmington for business for the week. I was looking around for a place to smoke since it's obviously not very warm in January and came across Sikar. I originally talked to Raj the owner over email before coming in.

    The lounge is really nice. They have a liqour license and tons of liqour and some beer/wine to choose from. They were running a deal for a free night's membership (Monday's) and a 10 dollar Rocky Patel/ Stella Artois combo. I had the co-owner, Larry I believe, recommend me a cigar. Let me just say I was impressed. Alot of lounges will seemingly blindly recommend the more expensive cigars but that wasn't an issue. I had two there that night and both were excellent cigars I hadn't tried before.

    It's really a great place.

    Great selection - I really had no problems finding tons of different cigars I knew I already liked and getting recommended for some new ones.

    Great people - Everyone was very friendly (the owners and patrons). I happened to meet someone I'd never met before and ended up talking about this and that over cigars and hookah for a couple hours.

    They offer hookah. - They have at least a few hookah's in house and you can smoke right there. It's nice being able to find a place that offer's hookah's as well as cigars.

    Great ventilation - This is really a plus. Nothing is worse than smoking indoors and barely being able to see. I love cigars but I don't need to live in the smoke for a few hours.

    Comfy atomsphere - Furniture and people made it very nice.

    All in all a great place to visit if you live nearby or just happen to be nearby.

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    Excellent cigar lounge. The interior is comfortable and clean, often with interesting and relaxing music to add to the atmosphere. Much respect to the Cigar concierge. I only stop in once every other week or so and he remembers enough about what I bought to recommend new types of cigars I'd enjoy. Also, he is excellent at cutting a cigar to get a nice draw. Even with the same brand of cigar one he was able to tell he needed to loosen up while the other just needed a small punch. Both drew perfectly. Been lots of cigar places and haven't experienced such in depth knowledge of tweaking cigars to perfection before.

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    Sikar Lounge is a very classy cigar lounge in Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE. It is extremely clean, and the product is fresh. I enjoyed a cigar, watched golf, and Willy was very cordial and helpful to me. If you are a novice (myself), to an aficionado you will enjoy Sykar Lounge. A great get away to enjoy a fine cigar.

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