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    Really Really enjoyed Pochi.  I went because of the awesome reviews I saw on Yelp.  I asked the waitress what she recommend for a cocktail and she delivered a really yummy drink with fresh blackberries.  Then for dinner, I had the chilean sea bass, which was fabulous and my friend had the tilapia.  Service was great, food was great.  recommend it!

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    During a recent visit to Delaware, my wife and I were asked to stop into this new restaurant to meet some old friends for lunch. I didn't know what to expect as I've never had Chilean cuisine and I tend to be very picky with what I eat.

    First, the atmosphere. I thought for a smaller restaurant, it was done incredibly well. They have about 12 tables and a large bar, if memory serves. The walls are decorated with paintings and Chilean artifacts all around,while some Chilean music played in the background (and a soccer game playing on the tv).

    The service was very friendly and welcoming from the get-go. The owner welcomed us in and started our initial water service while welcoming us to the establishment.
    We were served some bread and some sort of salsa while we went over our menu options once the waitress stopped over.

    The menu itself had a very good amount of variety with regards to both the meal and any drinks and wine. The seafood selection stood out the most, having quite a few items to choose from (other proteins were also available- chicken, ribs, etc). The waitress, thought not Chilean, was very knowledgeable of all items in the menu and was able to recommend some appetizers and wine.

    The wine selection was incredible compared to most places I've been to here in Tampa. Though they have other regional wines (Argentina, etc), the Chilean wines took up most of the selection, and were mostly recommended.
    I highly recommend the sangria, as it was different from what I've normally had as a sangria and was delicious.

    The food:
    Firstly, our food came out very quickly, which was surprising since they were very busy and most tables were filled. The presentation of each dish definitely stood out as something that was meticulously thought out, and not just thrown together like most places (especially during the busy lunch rush).

    We ordered the crab cakes ("croquetas de jaiva") and the ribs ("costillar al horno"). Both dishes were spot on and very delicious.
    My crab cakes were very moist and packed with more than enough crab meat. It was served with a side of fried avocado (OMG that was fantastic on its own), spinach, and a corn salsa.

    The ribs were also on point with the crab cakes. If you like a little bit of spicy on your meals, this was the way to go. The meat was very tender and well seasoned with what seems to be a dry rub. They were severed with a creamed mashed corn casserole type of dish.

    For desert we finished off with some sort of cheese pastry dripped with caramel and powdered sugar. I'm not a big desert fan, but this desert was great. The cheese nor the caramel were overpowering with sweetness. It was a very mellow sweetness that accompanied the meal very well. I would definitely order that again.

    In total, I really enjoyed my visit to this place. I was unexpectedly surprised by how much I loved everything I ate, that I created an account just to review this restaurant. I highly recommend anyone in the area to give this place a try, you won't regret it!

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    I stopped in at Pochi as part of the Delaware Center for Horticulture's Garden Tour for Community Gardens in Wilmington.  They were entered in the contest.  I am so glad that I stopped.  It was just a few minutes before noon and I thought why not.

    I ordered a Pisco Sour and the Salmon Ceviche.  Bread in a bruschetta style was served with fresh salsa.  Excellent.  Then the salmon  ceviche was served.  Wow!  The ceviche was the best I have ever eaten.  It was presented on a bed of greens with a sliced avocado half on one side.  Delicious.

    The young woman who was opening the restaurant was attentive and friendly as she went about her duties.  We talked on and off throughout the meal like old friends getting reacquainted.  She let me know that weekend evenings are standing room only.  I can see why.

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