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    I visit Scratches now and then.  Today I was "Jonesing" their Mushroom Burger.  I usually thoroughly enjoy this burger.  Today, however, it let me down a little.  I asked for it to be cooked medium but the burger I was served was medium well to we'll done and in some serious need of basic seasoning such as salt and pepper.  Even though today's burger was a bust, I will order it again because I know how good it can be.

    The server came over just as Happy Hour was ending and asked if we would be interested in having another beer.  He also reminded us that Happy Hour was almost over and suggested that he go ahead and add the beers to our tab before it ended to ensure we still got them at the Happy Hour price.  Awesome suggestion.  In addition, he kindly offered to hold bringing the additional beers over until we finished the ones we already had.  Since it was an extremely humid evening and we were out on the patio so holding our beers was much appreciated.  This type of customer service coupled with my previous mushroom burger (and my other favorite, their Brooklyn Pastrami sandwich) is why I 4 star rated this establishment.

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    I love Scratch Magoo's although I don't get there as often as I'd like... It's really not that far from where I live, but it's one of those places that when I go there, I feel like I'm on sort of a mini vacation.  It's a quaint little area, and I always make a point to stop at the Brandywine Zoo for a bit, and then take a nice walk by the river...  A couple of times a year, I make a day of it and always stop at Scratch Magoo's for lunch - I've never bothered to try anywhere else...

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    I went for St. Patrick's Day.  They dealt with the crowds very well, even though this does not seem like the kind of place that is used to having that many people in it.  

    A nice list of interesting beers.  I was sticking to liquor at this point in the night, but the list was impressive.  The mixed drinks I ordered were simple one liquor drinks that don't need any skill to make, but they were prepared quickly (and pretty cheaply, which was unexpected on a holiday).  

    Quick service, even though the bar area inside was pretty cramped.  The interior has a darker, sort of trendy look to it.  The back room is wall to wall tables, which seemed to let people carve out a section of the place for themselves.  I enjoyed spending time out of the patio, even though it was pretty cold.  There is a second bad out back, which had a more casual look to it.  The patio seems like it would be a big hit during warmer months.

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