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    Stopped in last Friday night  for a few drinks. Walk in and it smells like a men's restroom and there was an acoustic duo playing. We order two drinks and two bottles of beer. I go to the actual men's room (they should clean itonce in a while) and I see the girls drinks being replenished so I grab the waiter on the way back and order two more beers. I'm thinking the girls are slammin drinks and out to party..oh yeah. Turns out they sent them back as they were disgusting. How can you mess up a Stoli O and club with lime twice? Had a weird coffee taste to them or something I can't put my finger on. Paid for the 4 beers and rolled. Best thing I can say is my bottled beer and our waiter were fine.

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    This review is for the open mic night on Wednesday. It is NOT an open mic. The hosts play forever, then let one of their friends join them until the bar is about to close. If you want to go hear them play, then you're good to go, but if you want to try and play, there is no chance. Don't waste your time waiting - they just play and play and play and never let anyone else have a chance.

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    Just back from lunch and very disappointed.They advertise on their website 1/2 price burgers on Saturdays but alas we were told not today as they are implementing a new menu(which was limited)My friend got the crab dip & ate half as she said it tasted funky and had very little crab in it.I got a mahi Mahi wrap which was good but after finding a small hair in it I pushed it aside.I live less than one block from Logan House and this used to be my go to place but sadly the service was not very good as I think our server was brand new and not to up to speed on the menu or beer offerings BUT he was very nice and friendly.

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