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    Been here a few times. Sub par service. The waitresses don't know much about the "extensive" beers offered. There's nothing worse than asking a waitress about what a beer tastes like (in a place with "Brewing Co." In its name) and getting a reply that starts off  "I think it tastes like..."  To their credit, they have rolled "Brandywine Brewing Company" all up into the acronym BBC, and perhaps it's too much of me to ask them to have their waitstaff properly trained in the tastes of the beers they serve. Then again, I'm sure that most of the people working at KFC could tell you what fried chicken tasted like, even thought the two words have been rolled up into a three-letter acronym.

    The food is a gamble.I'd recommend not venturing too far from the types of food that would be found in the repertoire of your average short-order cook. The burgers are good (although, I have yet to taste a bad burger). The last time I was there, I ordered the grilled mahi mahi (after all, this is a staple of every neighborhood Red Lobster). It came out pretty late. The waitress said "since you ordered the mahi mahi, your meals will take a little longer to come out."  Should have been my first clue. I've heard that excuse before, but normally when someone at the table asks for a well-done steak or burger. But apparently it takes longer for the flesh of mahi mahi to render opaque in the four walls of the BBC Tavern and Grill.  It arrived, and when it did, it was hard as a rock (cooked dry), seasoned like it was a New York strip, and served with some kind of a fruit relish that tasted like it was a Del Monte variety pack that was chopped up. Yuck! It costs $20.

    This is yet another "Voted Delaware's Best" restaurant that could use a visit from Chef Robert Irvine!

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    Good place for lunch. Quick service. Quality food. Mixups with the drinks are common. I think only once I got the beer I ordered on the first try.

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    Not so good beer on draft. Better to go for bottled-craf-beer. And I did not eat so cannot say about that.

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