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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Was so sad they closed to remodel - so glad the did!  The place is fantastic!  Food is great!  The Pajama Brunch ( half off your food bill if your whole table shows up in their pj"s) is back!  The upstairs deck is very nice with a great bar.  Go!

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    The menu was sparse and featured some very basic selections. I got the fried mac and cheese for an appetizer, which was crispy on the outside and perfectly mac-and-cheesy on the inside. It came with a fruity sauce which paired well with the dish. For my entree, I got the curry chicken salad sandwich, which was standard. The food was average - not too shabby, but not amazing. The portions were large so you'll definitely be full. Service was friendly as well!

    The prices are a little too high as the food doesn't warrant it. I'd recommend coming to this place for a casual meal that you don't expect too much from.

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    This is NOT the same Buckley's.

    The remodeling that the new owners did was really excellent and kept the spirit of the restaurant. That's the extent of the positives.

    We ordered wings as an appetizer. As the food runner was bringing the plate over I thought it was the side salad my husband had ordered, since the plate was so small. But there they were, 8 sad wings covered in scallions (?) and a scant coating of bbq sauce. All for the low low price of $12!

    Something must be wrong.. where was the giant plate of wings dripping in that awesome banana bbq sauce?! GONE.

    I ordered my standard fish n chips, which was flavorless beside the occasional bite that was overloaded with salt. The Buckley burger was serviceable, but the side caesar salad was riddled with brown edged lettuce.

    They can only run on the Buckley name for so long...

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