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    I frequently stay at the Doubletree next door when I go down to Wilmington for work. I saw this place on a Restaurant Impossible repeat and the thought what the heck, let me give it a shot. BIG MISTAKE as this was singlehandedly the worst meal I've ever had at a restaurant.

    I ordered the steak quesadilla. It took about 1/2 hour despite the fact the bar was empty.  Quesadilla was cold and the steak was chewy. Flour tortilla was hard, like a cracker and broke in pieces. The worst part of the meal was the rice - it was hard like little pebbles.

    On the positive side, the beer was cheap and the bartender friendly. May stop again there for a beer, but not the food.

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    Just had drinks here with the future hubs to support my friends with Faithful Friends/Pit Stop.

    I Tried to use my yelp offer for chips so I'd have need to drink more (for charities sake) but they weren't having it.

    They did not have a defined drink menu so I had to instruct the waiter on how to mix a woo woo. Let's just say 1 was enough woo for me.

    We sat with friends that did order food and neither seemed too enthused about their meal. My one friend has a spice sensitivity and was assured they were not spicy. She ended up having to scrape the sauce off the ribs. My other friend had the opposite problem with a bland grey taco salad. She asked for hot sauce and received a small plastic cup with watered down sauce. So cheap.

    I gave 2 stars because I like that they work with local charities and will probably have to come back for that reason.

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    There's a reason why there was twenty reviews and no photographs before me. There nothing worth taking pictures of.  Except I was going to ask the bar tender serving usd to take a picture. She had a big black eye like she was scrapping the night before. Big shiner and some stitches. Talk about making you feel right at home at a dive bar. Way to go with the whole black eye ambience.
    It went just perfect with the over cook soggy armadillo eggs things served. Dripping with oil. See photo. This joint is hidden in the back the a shopping center for a reason. To limit the espouser to the people and that's a good thing.

    She was in the back most of the time. We walked in and the vending machine vendor had cash spread all out over a pool table like it was his office. One of the managers are is having a meeting in one of the booths and the owner is sitting at the bar  telling  us how he inherited the shit hole. "And is trying to clean it up. After checking in I ask about the free chips and salsa app that popped up on my phone. Right away he went off what you talking about I know nothing about this no way.  I'm like OK buddy chill I was not even asking for it just wanted to know it you know about it. He called someone a name and said so and so must have did that shit !!!
    Really I did not want the chips but for the $1:50 it would have cost you. You should have at least offered them. Well we where the only two people in the place and after that we left. So for 1:50 in chips you could have sold at least 30 dollars more in beer and food.  We will not be back!!

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