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    it wouldn't look like it from the outside, but this place is a gem. a "bar" type atmosphere for a restaurant but it works.. the food is amazing and the selection is unique. def reccomend

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    We really liked this place when it first opened, but then the consistency issues started and found ourselves frequenting 2 Stones much more often.

    We'd been told on several occasions that they were going to switch up the menu, but it never happened. After reading an article last week that they had hired a new chef and were going to roll out a new menu, we decided to go for lunch last Sunday. The menu DID have a couple new items, but nothing else had really changed. My chicken sandwich was overcooked - again and my fries were old & cold.

    When I asked about the menu change the waitress told me they added lettuce/tomato to their burgers and added a kale salad to the menu. I'm not sure I'd exactly call that a new menu!

    It's just so hit or miss that I think we have to pass until they get it back together!

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    From my limited experience, it seems like you have to work a little harder to find good places in Wilmington as opposed to, say, Philadelphia, but Ulysses is proof that they do indeed exist. A gastropub done right, with plenty of seasonal rotating beers and a competent control of the food.

    When possible, you should always begin a meal with poutine, and the crispy tater tots were buried under a pile of silky-smooth cheese sauce and more barbecued meat than seemed prudent. Almost a meal in itself, I had to restrain myself for the main course, some decently-well cooked scallops served with mushroom ravioli in a leek brodo. While the fresh pasta was certainly very nice, the broth was a little over-seasoned.

    Still, between the neighborhood, the beer selection, and the generous food, Ulysses has a whole lot of good going for it, and I'm a fan.

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