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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    I'm a fan of Stanleys.  Its a neighborhood joint, but I like places that are kid friendly, but have good food and beer selections.  The broccoli bites are seriously delicious.  Like cheesey tempura broccoli goodness with a bacon ranch dressing.  II always comment that we should have ordered another one.  The food is consistant, the service is decent.  Its a taaad overpriced for what it is which is the only thing that keeps us at bay.  They're always crowded, so I don't think it hurts their business much!

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    Inattentive waitress, bland food, fuddy-duddy atmosphere. Only highlight was the knowledgeable bartender whom I visited due to absence of our server to ask about a few craft beers. Get your act together, Stanley's.

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    Really a great time. We have been twice, and both times have been very impressed. Food is great pub grub, prices are good, and my wife loves the salad bar. Service has always been awesome. Never had a complaint in that department, even when they are packed. My only issue would be that both times we have been there I have carefully gone over the beer list, eventually settled on what I wanted...and then they didnt have it. Either the keg had just been tapped or they were out of the bottle...both times, it happened more then once. Maybe I just have great taste. Regardless, they were always able to make alternate suggestions and I have certainly never felt like I had to settle. Prices are good, and I look forward to going on one of the all you can eat rib nights. Great place! Looking forward to going back soon!

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