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    If you thought Famous Jacks had great prices, you need to check out McLaren's.

    I have only been here once, but on a Wednesday night, it has the best deals in the area.  The special is $2.50 for any bottled beer, and they are have good selection of beers as well.  The service was also great, as the bartender made sure I always had a drink.

    As for the bar itself, it had a very relaxed ambiance, with a casual dive-bar atmosphere.  It was not crowded at all.  Also, it has a bunch of pool tables.

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    I've been going to this place for years to shoot pool.  It used to be the smokiest bar in Wilmington years ago before the No Smoking Law.  I remember they had signs up in retaliation to the "Law" that Ruth Anne Minner had signed.  Thank God.  I think my Structure shirt from1998 still reaks of smoke.  
                 Anyway, this place is a pit, but I kinda like it.  It smells like uncleaned bar,  (hey, maybe the smoke wasn't that bad...), and is the most generic bar in North Wilm, located in a crappy stripmall on 202, but I've had some good times there.   Years ago when I was a restaurant worker at John Harvards in the late 1990s and early 2000s, this was a great place to grab some beers after work, and they used to get a pretty good crowd of in the biz people.  Now I usually don't shut the place down, so I am not sure if they get that crowded late, but I do enjoy free pool on Tuesdays once or twice a year.  Staff has always been cool, and beer selection aint too bad either.
                    I remember back in the day the jukebox used to be ours with $10 carrying us through enough games to last the night.  Some of the old farts at the bar used to get really pissed with us when I'd play back to back to back to back  Deacon Blues by Steely Dan, but F'em, what kind of beer are we drinkin?   Well, I think I need to call up the Idiots, and get back there next Tuesday...

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    This place is a dive bar but comes with cheap and pretty good beer selection as well pool tables.  Don't come expecting a crazy party scene just a spot to hang out and have a few drinks.  Also don't come expecting food as the bar has no kitchen.

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