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    Alerting you to a possible biased opinion, I have only been to Catherine Rooney's once, and it was on St. Patrick's Day.  So I imagine that it is not always as bad as my experience, but I think it is worth noting.  I am attempting to not base this review on the line to get in or the crowd, which is what I expected on a drinking holiday.

    Most important in my dislike of this place was the DJ.  Awful.  While he played pretty crowd pleasing top 40 dance songs, he would play approximately 10-15 seconds of a song and then switch to another.  It was so bad that I thought it was going to give me a seizure.  

    The bouncers did not want people standing around and kept yelling at people to move along (yes, I get that this is because of the crowd and I said I wasn't going to talk about the crowd).  I guess my point is that I don't think the staff handled the expected large crowd well.

    We left pretty quickly.

    The only reason the review is not one star is the benefit of the doubt.

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    Been living in Wilmington for 6 months now and this is one of our go-to spots for a drink and maybe a bite to eat. Beer's cold, Guinness is well poured, and mixed drinks are solid.

    Their nightly food/drink specials are well worth it and there's pub quiz on Mondays and bands or a DJ on several other nights for some free entertainment . Local craft beers and guest taps keep the beer selection interesting.

    The food never disappoints...great burgers, salads, sandwiches and apps. Some of my favorites include the pan roasted mussels (with Irish bacon), loaded Rooney skins and the Irish wings.

    Great neighborhood pub!

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    Tuesday night for half priced burgers along with specials on select cans were perfect for my best friend and me. We randomly took a road trip to Wilmington so the whole premise was to try out the local hangouts. Catherine Rooney's provided a chill atmosphere without having to compete with obnoxiously loud music or drunk young professionals. Plus, there's a fireplace! Anyway, we were quite happy with this cozy Irish pub that allowed us to catch up.

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