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    I was there for a fund raiser. I wasn't sure what to expect...

    I was pleasantly surprised! Great beer selection, imaginative cocktails, the food menu is small but very good.  They offer vegetarian and vegan options.

    You should stop in. It's a very unique and fun place to hang!

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    Stopped in on a quiet weeknight after hearing about the place from a friend. I'm not in to heavy metal, punk, tattoos, or the overly eccentric and all that said, I really enjoyed the place.

    The beer menu is spectacular. Behind the bar is dominated by a large cooler with a LOT of different craft beers. You'll be able to find something you like. Mike the owner is a great and friendly guy and the bartender Liz Ann was a staple at Homegrown in Newark for a while so you can be confident that she knows what she's doing if you want a cocktail.

    I ordered food there also, a quesadilla with chicken and it came out quickly with chips and salsa. I was a little disappointed in the size as it was quite small considering the price point ($9), but it was very good. On a return trip I ordered the caprice wraps which was delicious. Those are only minor quibbles though. This place isn't a restaurant, it's a bar. If you're going there, it's for the spectacular selection of beers and the unique ambiance of the place. Definitely a must-try for anyone in Wilmington.

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