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    Smith is another solid Capitol Hill gastropub. I've been for both brunch and dinner and would definitely go again.

    I was first intrigued when I drove by one summer night and saw lively young group of folks having a great time. My intrigue increased when I saw photos fo their chicken and waffles. They looked legit. So I finally made it priority and went in!

    Sat down a bit early on a Saturday morning and ordered the chicken and waffles. The decor is like hunting lodge...lots of wood, lots of antlers, lots of liquor. I loved it! Chicken and waffles are nothing new, but i really loved the spice of the chicken and the syrup pairs perfectly.

    Later, i went back for dinner to try another popular fare: the burger. It's HUGE. It comes on it's on board and really meaty. (dare I say too meaty??)

    The service here is alright. It's a bit hit or miss for me. Not really attentive, not exactly bad...just alright.

    Anyway, I'd totally go back because the food is hearty, full of classic addictive flavors.

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    Went for dinner, and had to really try hard to get over the hipster overload of this place. We ordered the smith burger medium, came out 10 seconds away from being well done-and dry :( the pork sandwich was just okay. The corn fritters, also okay. The paprika mayonnaise was the better part if that dish, which sounds disgusting but it's true.

    A friend recommended this place for breakfast, so maybe I'll come back for a shot at breakfast....maybe.

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    3.5 stars. I've been here twice, once for breakfast and once for dinner. The food is solid, a bit pricey, but not enough to put me off.

    For breakfast I had waffles with fresh strawberries. The syrup really set it off. Definitely a great place to come with people who actually want brunch...they have their burger available all day. Speaking of... I have the burger when I came for dinner. My major beef, if you will, was the bread. It was too spongey and not hefty enough to support such a large flavorful burger. I hope next time I come they've switched this up.

    The atmosphere is Capitol Hill all the way... a mix of young twenty-thirty somethings, intellectuals and hipsters.

    The service was just OK. I felt like the staff cared I as there only some of the time. They would go from being friendly and attentive to forgetful and distant...I'll definitely come back to give them another chance on this point.

    All in all go to Smith. Great location, interesting decor (Hunting Lodge Chic) and good food.

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