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    One of my favorite spots in Capital Hill. The pickle back is their claim to fame, along with the Malaysian take out place next door that you can munch on here. They make their own spicy pickle juice which you use to chase cheap whiskey or vodka. Wow!!! Our bartender was very friendly and helpful. She also recommended we try the Mexican food at The Saint (next block) which made our night.

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    I've been loving the picklebacks for awhile now, ever since my homie turned me onto the concept last year. As a result I've been  asking for it everywhere with very rare success. I had been hearing about the homemade picklebacks at Montana for quite some time and finally got to try one (actually three iirc) of the spicy/tangy shots this past Summer. Dope. They're also cool with you bringing in Malaysian street food from Kedai Mekan next door and eating it at one of their booths. How cool is that?

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    If you've never had a pickle back,  you MUST go to Montana! If you don't know what it is, go there and find out!! So good, amazing atmosphere, fantastic people. Montana, it's the place to be.

    After your pickleback, enjoy a Moscow mule, or any other specials they have on tap!

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