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    Clearly you know I'm from Jersey when I do a Yelp search for sandwich and I'm shocked and appalled when only a few places turn up. Seattle, I think I found your weak spot.

    The man and I trekked to Cap Hill before our flight to check it out, as well as pick up some sammies for the plane ride home. I walked in and was immediately transplanted back to my college days in Boulder. I don't know why, but this place just has that collegesque vibe. The menu is somewhat limited with about 10 hot sandwiches and 3-4 cold sandwiches (they also have a whole list for vegetarians, but I'm not counting those). We got the sammy's to go along with some WA state potato chips as a treat.

    Fast forward 5-6 hours later, wedged into our seats on United, it was time for dinner. We broke these bad boys out and were we glad we prepared. We started off with the Fast Eddie: Thinly sliced in- house roasted tri-tip steak, melted pepper jack, sauteed onions, mama lil's sweet hot peppers, and aioli on a demi baguette. Wow. It was cold at this point and still really good. The meat was so tender and juicy and combined with the melted cheese and aioli, the thing was just a gooey delicacy. It was a rather nicely sized sandwich as well, so there's that. I didn't think we could top that experience until the Club Tasty came around.

    In- house roasted all natural turkey breast, zoe's black forest ham and thick sliced bacon, sharp cheddar cheese, mix greens, tomato, pickle, red onion, mayo, and mustard on a demi baguette. Yes... YES! It was delicious. Filling, but refreshing and crispy too! I was seriously super sad when this eating experience was over; I wanted more.

    The chips were whack. I mean, they were delicious, all 8 of them, but there was more air than chips. The sandwiches are no joke, but $11 for a sammy... that's pricy. I just checked the menu and realized you get fries or salad with them which we clearly didn't get (maybe the chips replaced them?). I don't know what's up, but the sammy and salad/fries for $11 is well worth it; the sammy alone (or even with chips) for $11, we're in baller status territory.

    Definitely a great sandwich spot. This would be my local joint for sure if this was my 'hood.

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    Now that I am living here in Seattle I am privileged to have such a great meal within walking distance of my place. I tried this last night and it was phenomenal. I'd suggest one of their hot meaty sandwiches (you can substitute a salad or coleslaw for fries at no charge). I have a feeling I'll be eating here often. FYI - a $10 sandwich can easily feed two moderately hungry people.

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    I love me a good sandwich but these are better then good :0 I wish the service had been a little better and they would have earned my fifth star. Wasn't bad just wasn't clear who was the server.. Our server took our order and dropped our check.. The servers "assistant"? Did everything else.. Mm just give me a sandwich!

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