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    Hmm, This place is  ok in my book, but i'd never jump up and run here if someone suggested it.

    Why would that be?
    Well, yes. These folks make good booze.Hooray craft distilleries!  But once they start mixing them in drinks I feel like it loses something, not to mention the prices are pretty steep for something I'm not absolutely gaga over drinking. Ok drinks, ok prices.

    The food? Again, just alright. The burgers are nothing special, and at $10 or more a pop they again are too much for what you are getting. The fries are ok too, though they tend to go overboard with the season salt and once they start to cool down they loose their luster very quickly.

    The service has always been rather fine too. Not a vested interest but they take care of you.

    The space though? Very cute. I like it. Simple, classy, with well maintained bathrooms.

    So yeah. Average all around -- I feel for your $$$ you can find better in similar or even less price brackets, but still. Not a horrible way to spend your money.

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    Drunkedy-happy hour goodness ftw!

    Met up with a friend on a lovely Friday afternoon for some happy hour fun. I started off with a Vettle, and enjoyed it so much that I went on to have three more of them before hh was over. That was the best cocktail I have had in the greater Seattle area for more than a couple years. The really delicious, well-priced hh fries went perfectly with the booze. My friend had a Pimm's Cup which she heartily enjoyed. I am really looking forward to my next visit.

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    Great customer service.  Bartenders are both knowledgeable and super friendly.

    I didn't try their Gin or Rum but had a fair amount of the vodka.  Normally, I drink it straight so I consider myself a decent evaluator of vodka, straight.  And, here, they are doing a damn good job.

    Add to the local spirits the impressive beer selection and you got yourself a fun couple of hours.  

    Oh, and Saison in a can...mind blown.

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