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    WOW! Delicious pie for sure... my fav is the pecan pie,.. but every Tuesday they change their pie menu's.

    Great place to go on a date or with friends. :) Def'ly a must!

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    This place is tiny, interesting concept. There are a lot of pie-flavored cocktails, only about 6 actual pies to choose from. we shared an apple crumble pie a la mode. it was amazing. If you're looking for a Baker's Square-like selection, this is not the place.

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    Small homey bar. They have a bar counter and a couple of tables. I wouldn't come here in a big group because space is very limited. The owner of the bar was our waitress, and she is such a sweetheart :) Her twin sister is the baker and makes all of the delicious pies, and she holds down the bar.

    The pies are AMAZING. Probably the best dessert pies I've ever had, and their side scoop of vanilla ice cream went perfectly with the pie. My friends and I shared the Desserted Island. We destroyed it in about  less than five minutes and quickly ordered another one; this time the Granny Apple pie. The pie fillings were fresh and the crust was a perfect crumble.

    Their drinks are also very good. I had the key lime pietini, and my friends had the moonshine strawberry champagne and a pumpkin cinnamon drink that I can't remember the name of. I really enjoyed mine. The pie crusted rim was a nice touch to the drink. My friends also thoroughly enjoyed theirs.

    Overall, I absolutely love this place and will definitely be back here again to try their savory pies. :)

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