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    Wow! Amazing burger!! We also had a delicious strawberry margarita and finished it off with a peanut butter and jelly shake that blew my mind. A little spendy for a burger place but definitely delicious!

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    Delicious burgers and fries!  I'm not the person who remembers every burger they've ever eaten, but the Madison was amazing.  The fries were the best I've ever eaten too.  The only downside was it was so much food, I had to take half of my food home, and everyone knows day-old fries are not nearly as good as just out of the fryer. Next time, I'm going to try the Pike, which I've heard is so spicy it causes tears to roll down your face.  Yum.

    One star removed for slow service - I sat at the bar, and it was really tough to get their attention.

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    AMAZING. Literally the best burger my boyfriend and I have ever had. Toasted garlic fries are amazing as well! Very cool atmosphere as well.

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