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    we were having an intense conversation sitting outside with some drinks on how Spongebob Squarepants is pretty deep (we can talk about this later) when across from us a group of three asked me n a friend what we thought about 'male solidarity'. PERFECT TIMING, bcuz i was not expecting to have a really interesting n open convo on 3rd wave feminism, future feminism, the government shutdown in relation to women/womyn, power dynamics, food stamps, etc at Summit Public House. srry Summit Public House for assuming u r very masculine n only attract heteronormative peoples. now i know people who teach feminist theory n intersectionality as well as their chill friends get buck with u!

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    The friendliest bartender I've yet to meet on the Hill, so close to the lovely folks at Redwood, but willing to engage in some pleasant conversation. I miss that kind of stranger sociality around here, so I'll be back soon for cheap drinks and warm vibes.

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    $4 for a delicious hotdog and a beer?  Plus outdoor seating?  Yes please!

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