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    I love speakeasy themed bars!! I was so excited about this place... Got to the phone, still so excited.. Walking up the stairs I was elated!! I saw the decor!!! At that point I was ready to shake the owners hand.. But I should have held my excitement a little..
    I was in a group of a total of three. It was a Tuesday evening and it was pretty empty. Perfect!! We get the bartender to ourselves!!!
    Wellll we all introduced ourselves. His overly robotic manor and tone kinda caught me off guard.. We are the only ones at the bar.. You can be a person....whatever, not everyone has the bartender charm but maybe his drinks will make up for the lack of personality.. he explains that he will make drinks off of what we say we like! Woohoo I love it!! I tell him of the gin, refreshing, slightly tart drink I have in mind. The other two in my group order and he starts working his magic. Still the only ones in the bar we begin asking questions. How long he had been there, how long he has been bar tending.. The usual things you ask your bartender. His replies were short and to the point. Didn't seem like he wanted to know us at all.. This is the kind of bar I EXPECT to have a bartender that gets a feel for what I fancy in a drink.. He got a couple key words and we were just three drinks to him. I started losing my cheery excitement and sat back watching him make our drinks. My friends and I had half conversations while we waited for what we were hoping to be awesome hand crafted cocktails.. But the drinks were just as bland as the one making them..... It was "fine" .. I'm not a bartender but I know good cocktails and this gin, overly sweet cocktail (not really what I asked for) was not worth the $14 I paid. Sorry needle and thread. You didn't live up to my expectations. Bummer... But hey!! At least the place is beautiful!!!

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    This place is amazing. It is hidden and you have to make sure you call ahead for reservations. Please note there is a time limit. The drinks are amazing, the decor and superb and the food is DA BOMB. I would recommend this place to stop in for a drink just cause you get to use the batman phone to the private bar upstairs to needle and thread. I highly recommend you go here for a date. It is amazing.

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    Totally obsessed with the ambiance here, but the drinks didn't blow me away. I really really wanted to love it because it's totally my style, but it was just an ok experience. I was with a few people and we popped over here on a whim and luckily they had bar seats open so we came up. It's SO lovely in there and very romantic. The bartender was also amazingly friendly and sweet. But, he didn't do that great of a job with my drink (the idea is that you just tell him what kind of flavors/spirits you're into, and he creates something for you). I told him what I liked and without asking any follow up Qs (for example, to find out that I really hate too sweet drinks) he quickly said "oh cool, I made this mango something or other earlier, you might like that, I'll make it for you". It ended up being kind of a watery, way too sweet and tasted like there was no alcohol in it. for FIFTEEN dollars, that's not okay. You don't find out the price of your mystery drink until you get the bill - and it' not the kind of place where you ask. Seriously though, for 15 bucks, I better be getting served the drink of a lifetime. But it was on the lower end of good cocktails I've had. My husband's was also kinda average.

    I'd come back I guess to try it again. But I'd rather try another speakeasy around here - maybe that knee high stocking place? SO many good bars around this area, hard to justify returning :/

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