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    The Hideout is a real winner on Pill Hill if you're not wanting to spend a fortune at Vito's, or lose a pint of blood at one of the real dives.  Also, Ivan from Baby Ketten does karaoke there on Sundays, and that's the joint for reals.  Drinks are very good quality -- not craft cocktail level, but fine-tasting and professionally made -- and it's got a ton of great art, atmosphere and attitude.  The one drawback is that it's pretty tiny inside, and it's getting ever more popular, so it will sometimes get incredibly frenzied, especially if they're short-handed.  But otherwise, it's a fine place to get lit.

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    Defiantly not a fan. Place was crowded on a Sunday night. The volume of karaoke was way to loud and the place was over heated. It felt more like a sauna. The only reason for two stars was my wife liked the food. I would suggests voiding  this place.

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    cool place to go and relax with a couple beers. very dark room with wild artwork on the walls. small food selection, but what they have is great!

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