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    Now that you have the new iOS7, REMEMBER. Your life is still a mess. Feel better? Good.

    Now go to RockBox. Bring a few friends to embarrass. Because there ain't nothin dat shows grander camaraderie than interrupting them while they're singing a ballad of dey long lost love. Pinch yo nose, sing it slow, ruin dey flows, and yo face be punched like da drunk you are.  

    Ya might be askin. How do I VIBE? well, let the vodka preach out yo words into a spew of "i forgot these lyrics so ima make up notes like Miley writes a song. WRECKING BALL. WRECK ME DOLL." Remember to bring your pet monkey on your shoulder so he can INSTAGRAM dat shit. And bring your other pet monkey to sit on your other shoulder to play the gong while you wreck the song. Good lord.

    I fux wit da front door sign. It's craaaaazy. Definitely helps you engage with reality. Here's a picture in case you haven't seen the other 1 million pictures of the sign floating around. The interior is modern, sleek. It's got a smooth, sexual dim glow on the interior and when you walkin dem corridors, ya tink of what goes inside dem rooms. Ya tink mischief. Ya tink secrecy. Ya remember: TRUE LOVE IS FORGETTING DAT PEOPLE SUCK AT SINGING.

    Also, they have recently added more than 5,OOO songs! Count em. I KNOW YOU WON'T.

    Also, $4/person during Happy Hour: 4p-8p and all day Sundays.

    Their music range is HELLA DIVERSE: <a href="/redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rockboxseattle.com%2Fsongsearch.html&s=0661288ad0d6c0cf4e1ed9f03d10cb3f7c8d5763fc333262d49e3874d90fc4c9" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://www.rockboxseattl…</a>

    If you can't find what yo lookin for, are you sure you're in the right church? Good. BYOC. BRING YO OWN CHOIR.

    5 Rockets out of 5 Pockets

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    Still great... But people have started smoking pot and cigarettes inside. Made me nauseous and the hostesses weren't aware of it until I complained but it didn't seem to help.

    It was so bad we had to leave.

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    My ratings just keep increasing the more I come to this place. I LOVE ROCK BOX!

    I really wish they had another branch Eastside for my karaoke needs. I would probably be there a few times a week instead of a few times a year. Every time I go with my regular group 2 hours flashes by before we knew what hit us.

    Classic Rock, Showtunes, Torch Ballads, Country, Top 40, anything and everything. Their catalogue is HUGE and just keeps getting bigger every week. I've even brought people who don't like to sing in public and they found songs they just had to belt out. It's so much easier in a small room with your closest friends.

    Food has changed, they no longer have their sliders and musubi but instead offer snacks from Cure next door. Haven't tried their food since we ate before coming last time but it looks insanely good. Duck fat popcorn?? °o°

    Even on weeknights this place can get packed, including the bar area. It's popular but there's good reason why. These guys are doing it right.

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