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    Had super high hopes for this place after seeing the picture of their pizza in Seattle Magazine.  It tasted like a Totino's frozen pizza.  Super disappointing.  

    The beer selection was great, so I would recommend going in for that reason alone.  

    When we tried to get our bill to leave, however, it took forever to get eye contact with the bartender as some employees had just sat down at the bar and all the attention was being given to them.

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    I'm very conflicted about this review. If I lived in Seattle, I'm pretty sure the Pine Box would be my local spot.; good beers, good food, what more can you want? But on the night we went the service (ahem...this one waitress) was so laughably bad. Like actually so bad that there was nothing we could do BUT laugh.

    We even joked about how bad it could get and then were seriously surprised when it was actually even WORSE than we thought possible. Slow service, bringing us the wrong drinks, forgetting things, giving us someone else's check, you name it.

    But at least the beers were good...when we finally got them.

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    Five stars for the tasty beer list, negative stars for the terrible service. We were in the other night, along with multiple tables that walked in at the same time- the waitress continuously ignored each table. Finally after 15 minutes we got a menu, 15 minutes later we got a beer. Props to the water boy- he was on it and delivering water in the way i wish the beer service was.

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