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    Just checked this place out and I loved it! Finally a really cool place w very friendly staff and regular patrons. Plus best is it's Non-Smoking! Looking forward to making it a regular place for me

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    Great place to chill! We met a couple of friends here on a Friday, the place got busy but the environment was pretty relaxed.

    When you first walk in you are like "wow! this place is teeny tiny"! But don't be scurred, keep walking, is not the biggest bar but is pretty well laid out, the front room has a bar with a few stools and a couple of tables but keep on walking and you will find plenty of room. They have a pool table, dart boards and a pretty nice patio.

    The servers are fabulous, very friendly and as quick as they can be. The drink are good and affordable the crowd is laid back and friendly. More importantly the bathroom was very clean with great mirrors.

    Give it a try!

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    Walked in and pretty much walked out right away.

    It's just not our kind of place. The TVs were too loud for being so small of a place. This caused the patrons to be too loud - yelling at one another.  Too many people wearing Bengals outfits.

    Then there's a very off-putting Obama poster on the wall like some weird cult-of-personality Third World leader. The U.S. isn't there...yet. Anyway, who puts a political poster in a bar? Creepy. Very unwelcoming to, say, a little less than half the country.

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