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    My first impression was of a toned-down decor compared to the building's predecessor, Daveed at 934, which is somewhat ironic considering the riot of color that is usually associated with India. The menu had a wide range of options, most that I had never heard of, with the exception of the 'quintessentials' section (a nod to those of us to whom Chicken Tikka Masala and the like ARE Indian food).

    I wanted to branch out a bit from my standards so I asked our waitress for a review of the menu--it was a rambling journey, but I did learn that the 'from the tandoor' section was more dry rub type meats vs. the 'non-veg entrees' which were more of the saucy with rice options. My friend and I shared 2 starters: Vegetable Potli and Imli Baingan. The Potli is the love child of samosas and the "golden bags" appetizer from Lemongrass--an improvement on standard samosas in their size and relative lightness. The Imli were eggplant chips--small and over-sauced (vs. the larger dipping style preparation I was expecting)--not our favorite.

    The drink list was limited and shockingly--no Indian beers! (While it wasn't on the menu, our server said they usually had Kingfisher, but not that night). I went with a Kolsh (German) on draught and it was a clean, refreshing complement to the spice of my entree.

    For my main, I got Lahori Kofta which was chicken meatballs in spicy tomato-based sauce. The meatballs were tender and the spice was at a good level (they don't have you indicate spice level when ordering, but I would put it at a 4-5 out of 10). The portions were on the generous side of reasonable and we both liked the cute copper buckets that the entrees came in along with separate bowls of rice. My friend wasn't wild about her order: Murgh Dhaniwal (chicken in a white cashew sauce) and thought it was completely lacking in spice.

    We were too full for dessert, something I don't usually consider in an Indian restaurant anyway, but I snuck a peek at the menu anyway and was surprised how many things looked good--a definite departure from the usual Indian dessert fare so consider saving room.

    The initially haughty maitre'd stopped by to check on us a few times and warmed up considerably. Our waitress was competent, but not as knowledgeable or informative as I would have wished for. There was an overall air of self-importance about the place that seems to have been brought over from the original Cumin along with some of the dishes, but it's a nice alternate to the Ambar empire if you're looking for a more upscale and unique Indian dining experience.

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    Outstanding meal. Servers were hustling as there were quite a few walk-ins, but we were well taken care of. Very helpful in clarifying menu and offering suggestions .  Laal maas was great.  Eggplant chips appetizer as well.  Price was quite reasonable for 6 of us.  Mantra seemed hit and miss when it opened; it has really come into its own.

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    Great food great prices great atmosphere, the lamb chops were great and at 20 dollars it was an absolute steal. the coconut scallops and tandoori chicken were also delicious

       The service was a little slow at the start, there may have been some confusion as to whos table it was or whatever , but once they worked that out , the service was good. this place reminds me of how cumin started out , they should do very well .

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