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    I had been to this bar during the winter and was underwhelmed.  The bar area is tiny and to get a drink, it might require a little pushing and shoving.  

    I was pleasantly surprised this Saturday night when a group of us discovered their quaint (and quite large) patio.  Though the bar area was stuffed to the gills, the patio was empty.  AND they have GIANT JENGA.

    Other than that, this is a pretty standard Mt. Adams bar with the standard (young, college-aged) crowd.  Its pretty much a beer bar, but does have wine and liquor.  Prices are standard for the area as well.

    Wouldn't be the first place I would go to in Mt. Adams, but also wouldn't be the last.

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    Brian tends bar at the Tap and Go and does a darn good job.  The place is always clean and inviting to guests and the Budweisers are cold as well.

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    After having a quick bite at Mt. Adams, Ken and I strolled over to visit some friends at Tap & Go. This is a great little bar located directly across the street from the pavilion. Its a bit "cozy" but i enjoy talking with regulars.

    You walk into a small little bar with about 9 seats total, the room next to it has a few tables while the outside patio was prob my favorite. While it is smoking, there are alot of tables and house music playing both inside and out.

    Sara our bartender was really fantastic. I ordered a bacardi oakheart and coke, Since they didn't have Captain for Ken he couldn't decide what to drink. I asked Sara to make him something fun, not fruity or flowery. Ken looked worried when i didn't tell him what was in it, cause honestly i we just pulled a few drinks together. Let me just say that Sara knows her stuff. I had one of those and Ken had 3 and our bill was just $25, woohoo!

    There is a parking lot next to the place and some street parking, but its Mt Adams so you know it gets packed fast. Make sure you park in a proper area or else get a ticket. While they don't serve food, we witnessed someone call in an order to the pavilion and it came across the street very fast. Yes they delivered it to the bar, now thats what i call service!

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