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    I really dig this place, even on a Wednesday its packed with young and old professionals. Great service, great drinks, great atmosphere. If you don't like smoke then it's pretttty simple - don't go! But if you want to feel like you're in a 1920s speak-easy and kick back for some cocktails etc then this place is for you!

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    Great cigar bar!  good service. One of the best in the country. If they got rid of the crappy thumpy house music it would get five stars. Not cheap but a great space.

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    This is a great place to relax after an Italian meal (it is in the Italian part of Boston).  I have not seen better when it comes to atmosphere and quality of staff.  The whiskey selection was limited but included some fairly high quality single malts to go along with my perfectly stored Ashton VSG.  The prices are a bit high but what do you expect for a total luxury in Boston.  I and my wife had two drinks each (single malts) and my cigar, the bill was $87 before tip.  Seriously, worth every penny.

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