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    Eastern Panda has had a tumultuous history in Northern KY, but I'm very optimistic about where its going.  It is recently under new management and slowly but surely - it is turning around.  They have a new menu, a new cook, and new staff - AND they're in the process of updating the space.  

    The menu is traditional Chinese and it is better than it used to be - much more fresh veggies and more vibrant tastes, less sodium and bland cabbage.  The physical menu is much brighter and offers a wider variety.

    The service is still friendly and very competant.  Since EP had gone downhill the past few years - its not busy, so service is quick too.  Yes - the decor and seating and space was very rundown.  They're building it back up.  They did just get new booth seating which was in very bad need of repair.  My guess is they'll continue to update as business picks back up.  

    I really want this business to succeed and now it seems they have the right things in place to make it happen.  Give it a try if you've never been or give it a second try if you've stayed away recently!

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    Food quality is good.  Been coming for years , but the value has gone down.  Almost $11 for something that should be $7 or $8.

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    While Oriental Wok has the market cornered on high-end Chinese cuisine, Eastern Panda is where you go for quick and cheap carry out. It's dark and kind of dingy, but the food is great classic American Chinese, and always super quick and friendly with the order.

    I hope they do a steady carry out business, because I rarely if ever see anyone dine in. It's definitely more of a carry out kind of place, for sure, and I highly recommend it for those nights when you don't feel like cooking and need something more substantial than a Chipotle salad.

    Once again, parking in this shopping center is the pits, but there's usually a "retail only" spot open right in front of the restaurant front. And a call-in order usually takes less than ten minutes, so it's not like it really matters much, either.

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