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    I've had very nice meals here, but the quality seems to have slipped. There was a very new server the last time and he put my steak knife down upside down -- blade toward me! Whatever would the Dowager Countess say? Seriously, the food is pretty bland but the building and dining rooms are very nice.

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    Pleasant enough, service was fine, looks like it was THE place to eat probably 30 years ago with a "George Washington ate here" vibe and decor.  Food was average with the exception of the fried green tomatoes, onion rings and the chicken salad. while the chicken salad was full of big pieces of chicken it was also full of bland cheap tasting mayo and a few pieces of green stuff...no taste at all. The fruit and muffin that came with it was delicious. Our party ordered two appetizers for the table, the onion rings ( Gigantic breaded rings that looked very good but had zero taste and awfully greasy) and the wonderful fried green tomatoes (Excellent mousse and presentation). The other 4 people in our party had meals that they were mostly pleased with. Prices seemed a bit steep for the quality of the food, almost an up-scale-bland-for the elderly-type food. All in all we had a nice visit but it's not going to be on the list of top 10 places to pick from again.

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    This local establishment is popular with the older crowd.  I dine there about once per month.  Sometimes you just get in the mood to visit this historic building.  The fried chicken is great, most sides are just OK.  Onion rings, fish sandwich and hot slaw are good.  Service is always attentive and pleasant.  Pricing is on the high side for home cooked type food but doesn't seem to matter to the local fans who keep the place full most of the time!

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