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    Had one of the best breakfasts I've in a really long time. The grits were great!

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    They were extremely busy.  It was raining.  It was lunch time and my Rise and Shine Breakfast was perfect!  Since I asked for my eggs "over easy"........that's GREAT!

    We were in and out of there quickly enough and we were treated SO NICE!  I'd expect that but my dining companions were 6 and 9 and they were barely able to sit still.  Everyone in the place was friendly and interested in keeping us happy.  We got boxes for our left overs and barely missed an inning of our baseball game!.

    Bob Evan's are good but this one was especially GOOD!

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    I've lived in Northern Kentucky my whole life and though I've heard of/ passed by Bob Evans a lot, this was my first time I've ever actually been there.

    I like that they have breakfast all day. They have a ton of breakfast options, and a lot of them are pretty cheap too! I had the Border Scramble omelete which had sausage. potatoes, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. It was really good. I liked the sausage a lot, and the biscuits were good. The only thing that would have made it better would have been for it to have had less sour cream. My husband had something that i believe was called a Sunshine Skillet, which was an open faced omelete with sausage, gravy, cheese, and potatoes. Both of our meals came with 2 biscuits and hashbrowns/potatoes. My meal was like 9.00 and his was 7.49 or something like that which was very reasonable. I also had a strawberry banana smoothie to go.

    I probably would have given them 4 stars, however the service was pretty bad. Our waitress barely checked on us. In fact she laid the bill on our table without asking us if we needed anything else, then she went on break. We finished our food, and then sat there for like 10 minutes waiting on her, because she charged us for something extra that we didn't order. The whole time we didn't have anything to drink. We ended up just going to the front and getting someone else to fix it, which took a few minutes because they had to get a manager. Also my smoothie that they gave me was so full that they had to take a couple of minutes trying to put the lid on and then cleaning the cup off since it ran down the side. Normally being too full isn't an issue, but the lid was messy so as I was drinking it it kept getting my hand sticky.

    Even though the service was bad, the food was still worth going back. They have a lot of things on their menu that I want to try and if I get a better server next time, then I may update my rating.

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