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    OMG this pizza is sooooo good! They have an '8-corner pizza'  where each of the 8 pieces is a corner piece. Thick crunchy, garlicky crust, with toppings that are tasty and 'plenty',the price is not as cheap as some other places, but also not too high...hubby and I usually get at least three meals (or 2 and a good snack) out of one pizza.
    If you are on a diet, this is NOT the place for you...

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    Ehn... I'm of two minds.

    On the one hand, Jets has really tasty pizza.  True deep-dish, the cheese is always creamy, the crust is always soft and chewy, the sauces are always tangy and the sausage is generous and meaty.

    On the other, this whole package sits like a brick in your stomach.  You can literally spoon the grease off the pizza if you try.  I took off about a tablespoon from an eight-corner, one time.  And once you eat your fill, your evening is DONE.  I ordered pizza for the office when we were working late one night -big mistake.  The plan was to eat and keep working -the result was we ate and wallowed around the office in gluttonous languor for an hour, and then went home.  Serious management mistake.

    Four stars just on that, and I'd rate other Jets restaurants the same.

    This location gets knocked to three because of their delivery practices.

    I work in Covington.  The Ft Wright Jets proudly advertises that they deliver in Covington.  Happy day!  So, I call them up an ask for delivery -"sure!"  I'm in Covington -"no problem." Business is on 12th St -"ooh, sorry, we stop at 13th st."  ...WTF???  So I offered to walk one block up and meet the driver on the street, since they wouldn't deliver to 12th.  Nope, they wouldn't do that either.

    Now, Jets is right behind the WalMart pretty much at the corner of Highland Avenue and Madison Avenue.  So, to deliver to 13th St, they're fighting through city streets and traffic lights every block all the way up Madison to service Uptown Covington, but they won't drive up Highland Ave/ Kyles Ln. and zip down the highway to service Downtown Covington?  I guarantee it's faster to get to 5th street from the highway than it is getting to 15th through Latonia.

    So -1 star for stupid service.

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    Really tasty pizza, ours was delivery...not sure if Jets has an eat-in area..
    My husband and I were not acquainted with Jet's Pizza till this week when we saw a delivery from Jets in our neighborhood.
    Looking for an additional pizza delivery option, we decided to try Jet's.
    The price was reasonable, delivery timely, and the pizza delicious, with a crispy,crunchy outside on a fabulous deep dish crust.
    We got xtra cheese and pepperoni, and were well fed and happy.
    Two thumbs up!
    Oh! Almost 4got to say, apparently you can buy a "slice" if you prefer, any time of day! Have not done this yet...

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